Referral Program

You can earn money for referring your friends who have never attended a Sixthman event to Mad Decent Boat Party 2015 whether you are sailing with us or not!

For Cruisers:  For each new cabin you refer to Mad Decent Boat Party 2015, you will earn $100 credit to your onboard spending account.  Referrers will see a $100 credit on their onboard spending account by the third day of the cruise.

For Non-Cruisers:  For each new cabin you refer to Mad Decent Boat Party 2015, you will earn $50 cash!  Referrers will be sent a check after the cruise has returned to ensure the referred passenger sailed.

Policy Details:  Referrals will be reconciled 2 weeks prior to sailing, and will appear on the referrer’s confirmation. Please contact Sixthman PRIOR TO sailing if your referral does not appear on your confirmation.

All guests in the referred cabin must be new to any Sixthman event, and the referral must be requested at the time of booking or registering for any waiting list.

The guest booking the new cabin must put your Sixthman Username in the REFERRAL blank when placing their reservation. Referrals are not retroactive, and cannot be added after the reservation has been made. Referrals apply to full cabins only; they do not apply to individual guests within a cabin or during the pre-sale period.  The program ends 30 days prior to sailing.  When a referred cabin is booked, an email is sent to the referrer listing the lead passenger's name and email address.

Sign up for a Sixthman Username at and start referring today!