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Why wasn’t the ship able to go to Mexico?

Search and rescue missions at sea are governed by international law, under which, the ship is required to participate in the search and rescue effort.  Once the search and rescue mission commences, the ship is not able to leave the area until it has been released by the US Coast Guard. At the point the ship was released, it would have been impossible to reach Mexico and return to Miami as scheduled.

Why was I refunded $57.47?

Cozumel port taxes for this voyage were $13.97. The Playa Mia shore excursion was $43.50. Because we did not make the port of call, these items were refunded in the form of on board credit.

Why didn’t I receive more of a refund?

Unfortunately there are circumstances that are outside of our control, including weather and governmental restrictions, that can impact the event and/or performances which is why our policies for these are outlined in our ticketing agreement. The ticketing agreement can be located at this link: 

Online, the Playa Mia excursion is sold for $60 per person. Why am I only getting $43.50?

We purchased the Playa Mia excursion for the entire ship, which resulted in a discounted rate. We initially passed that discount on to you and then when the excursion was canceled we immediately refunded the full amount to you, our guests.

Where can I find the pictures that were up on the TVs?

Those pictures will be available for free download very soon here. We will send an email to all MDBP 2015 guests to notify you when they are posted.

Who do I contact if I left something on board or have questions about my spending account?

Call Norwegian's Guest Relations department at 1-866-625-1164 or submit your inquiry at in regards to any lost and found items or questions about your on board spending account.

Where can I voice my additional feedback?

You should have a survey in your inbox and we encourage you to complete it and to be as open and honest as you feel comfortable. As always you are also welcome to CONTACT US if there is ANYTHING you would like to discuss!


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