Dirty South Joe

Philadelphia based DJ/producer Joey "Dirty South Joe" Massarueh, is widely regarded as one of North America's most influential musical tastemakers and trendsetters. As a DJ, his party rocking skills are legendary, leading Australia's Beat Magazine to refer to him as a "Rembrandt of the dance floor."

He's a highly decorated underground luminary, and has been instrumental in the development and rising popularity of burgeoning music scenes such as Club, Trap & Global Bass. As the head of New Jersey and Philly's Brick Bandits crew, he's catapulted the DJ & producer collective to a position of global club and trap dominance, while playing a key role in launching the careers of DJ Sliink, Swizzymack, Nadus and DJ Sega among others.

A mix tape auteur; his Luvstep and Blood Bros series' for Diplo's Mad Decent label (co authored with Flufftronix & DJA respectively) have been enjoyed by millions, and in the case of Luvstep, developed into a full fledged sub genre. A self professed "innovation addict," he tirelessly works to propel new and exciting music trends and sounds to the forefront of today's ever evolving music marketplace and will continue to lead the way for years to come. 



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