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How do I let someone add me to their cabin?

To let someone add you to their reservation, you'll need to have a Sixthman Username and add your lead passenger to Your Approved Lead Passengers list.  Create a Sixthman profile here, or login to your existing profile.  Then, in the Guest Permissions section, click the "Add New Lead Passenger" button and enter your lead passenger's username.  Once you save it, they'll appear in Your Approved Lead Passengers list.  You're all set, the lead passenger can now add you as a guest in their cabin!

How do I make a payment?

To make a payment, booked guests can login to their Sixthman account and click 'Make a Payment' next to their reservation.  Any named guest on a reservation can submit an online payment.

Payments can also be made via phone by calling Sixthman at 877-379-9190.

Can each roommate make their own payments?

The Lead Passenger on the reservation is responsible for making sure minimum payments are met.  However, each guest can log in (or call in) individually to make their own payment for their share of the cabin with their own credit card information.

When making the reservation, the Lead Passenger can pay for only their portion of the minimum initial deposit, but the reservation must be brought current within 72 hours.  Within this time frame, other passengers can make their initial payments. The Lead Passenger is responsible for making sure the reservation is current within 72 hours or will risk cancellation.

What is the official cancellation policy?

ALL DEPOSITS AND PAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.  If you wish to protect your investment, we strongly recommend the purchase of travel insurance.  We've teamed up with Travel Insured to offer two levels of insurance: a standard insurance policy and a Cancel for Any Reason add-on policy.

  • Travel Insured's standard policy will reimburse cancellations at 100% of monies paid for covered cancellation reasons.*
  • Travel Insured's Cancel For Any Reason add-on policy will reimburse up to 50% of monies paid when cancelling for any reason not covered by the standard policy when cancelled at least 48 hours prior to sailing.*

*To review both insurance coverage policy details, please click here.  If you have cruise insurance and need to cancel for a covered condition, you can make a claim with Travel Insured to recover any lost payments.

See the Ticketing Contract for full details.

Can I make changes to my booking?

Only Lead Passengers can request to change or remove existing guests, or to upgrade to a higher priced category.  Downgrading your cabin to a cabin of lesser value is not allowed. The Lead Passenger must request these changes by phone or email.  In some cases a signed Reservation Change Form may be required.  This form can be found here.

Because the Lead Passenger owns the reservation, any changes to this passenger are subject to a Lead Passenger change fee of $299, and will require a signed Reservation Change Form.

ALL names must be received by August 11, 2015.  Each reservation is allowed one free name change prior to August 11, 2015.  Additional changes prior to that date are subject to a $50 administrative fee per change.

Any changes, including adding unnamed guests made after August 11, 2015, but more than one week before the cruise are $75 per change. Any changes, including adding unnamed guests made within a week of the cruise are $100 per change. Changes or additions made within the week prior to sailing must be done in person at check-in, and may incur a fee up to $299 per change.

How do I add a guest to my cabin?

If you are the lead passenger with an existing reservation you can add a guest online.  First, your guest needs a Sixthman Username, and needs to give you permission to add them to your cabin. 

Provide your guest with your Sixthman Username, and have them create a Sixthman profile here, or login to their existing profile. In the Guest Permissions section have them add you to their Approved Lead Passengers list. 

Once they're done, you can login to your profile and they'll appear in Your Authorized Guests list.  Now, go to your current reservation and add them in the Personal Information section.

What is the Sixthman Gift Card?

Looking for the perfect gift? Visit to give the gift of Sixthman to your friends and family for birthdays, holidays, or for no reason at all!  Purchase a Sixthman Digital Gift Card and enable your recipient to LIVE LOUD on the music vacation of their dreams.

Sixthman Gift Cards can be used as a payment on a reservation.  Gift cards used on reservations already paid in full will have the amount applied as on board credit to cover drinks, merchandise, spa treatments, excursions, specialty dining and more!  The gift cards have no fees.

Gift cards must be redeemed at least 14 days prior to sailing and cannot be redeemed on board.  Be sure to read the FAQs and the terms and conditions at for full details!

What if I miss a payment?

One week after missing a scheduled payment date, a late fee of $35 is added to the reservation.

Three weeks after missing a scheduled payment date, a final notice of impending cancellation is sent, and the reservation may be cancelled by Sixthman within 7 days.

If you are unable to make a payment as scheduled, please contact Sixthman PRIOR to the payment due date.  In extreme circumstances, alternate payment schedules may be arranged.  Alternate payment schedules are solely at the discretion of Sixthman.  Defaulting on alternate payment arrangements will result in immediate cancellation of your reservation.

What is the Cannonball Club?

Cannonball Club is our way of inviting our cruising community to experience more than one Sixthman vacation per year.  Any guest booked at full price* on Mad Decent Boat Party 2015 is considered a member of Cannonball Club and may book one or more Cannonball Club events at special reduced rates.

For all the details visit  We hope you’ll take advantage of this opportunity to experience another one of our festivals, meet new best friends, discover great new bands and Cannonball into more exciting adventures at sea!


*Independent Traveler bookings and reservations with a paid in full, military, youth or single occupancy discount count as a full price reservation and are eligible for Cannonball Club.